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Net 140

FidoNet consists of approximately 30,000 systems world-wide which comprise a network which exchanges mail and files via Modems using a proprietary protocol. They are connected for the purposes of exchanging E-Mail to the Internet thru a series of gateway systems which interact with the Internet via UUCP with cooperating UNIX-based smart-hosts which act as their MX-receivers.

With some exceptions, you cannot Telnet or FTP to a FidoNet site, only communicate via E-Mail and Usenet News.

FidoNet in Saskatchewan
, Canada is called SaskNet, which is made up of 30 plus nodes which are located in all major centres of Saskatchewan. SaskNet or Net 140 is part of a larger group called Region17. Region 17 covers the northwest states of USA, and the western provinces and territories of Canada. Region 17 is then part of Zone 1. Zone 1 covers all of North America. There are 6 zones that cover the world.

You can be part of this exciting network please read on on how you can take part.

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